Thursday, May 19, 2011


Lowell consented to try chemotherapy one more time – for his family, even though he was ready to go on to the next phase of his “eternal life”.  This latest round of chemotherapy made him extremely ill, unable to eat or drink anything and having to deal with vomiting and diarrhea.  After a week of pure misery he decided to discontinue the chemotherapy and just let nature take its course.  His cancer doctor told us Lowell had one to two weeks left, then signed him up for Hospice assistance.  The Hospice nurse wasn’t as pessimistic about Lowell’s chances as the cancer doctor, so we are hoping family will have some additional quality time with him.  Lowell has always been physically strong, so we are hoping for the best, as long as he isn’t suffering.
Shortly after Lowell was diagnosed with cancer last year our second daughter, Catherine, wrote the following poem about faith.  We hope this will help those of you who may struggle with loss – or your faith.  She said:
“l was headed to the temple and thinking about my faith.  I felt that I had faith that my Father could be healed and live a healthy life.  I also felt that I had faith to accept the will of the Lord and let my  Dad go, knowing we would see one another again – and perhaps it was his time to go home.  While I was pondering these things, I remembered a talk given in General Conference called "But if not".  It talked about the faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, and how they were sure that the Lord could save them – but if He didn't, they still would believe in [Him] and obey Him.
I couldn't get the phrase out of my head!
Pretty soon, I had begun writing a poem in my head about their experience.  Eventually it blossomed into something that became more than just a poem about them, but a poem for anyone who faces uncertainty with faith.”
Courage my brethren, courage to stand  
United in faith our valiant band             
True to our Father, true to our King        
Our God forever Thy praises we sing     
Thou wilt protect in our hour of need     
But if not, we are free.  But if not, we are free    

Facing the fire, facing the foe
We regard no threatening voice even though
Our lives they revile, our pains, deride;
The God whom we serve will ever provide
Deliverance from the mean and depraved
But if not, we are saved.  But if not, we are saved.

Into the furnace, into the flame
Our last breath to Thee; Praise to Thy name.
But lo! What is this? Where is the pain?
We feel no burning, our lives yet remain!
Then in the midst of the fire we are shown
We were not left alone, we were not left alone.

Faith in deliverance, faith to endure
For what lies ahead you cannot be sure
Trust in My wisdom, trust in My care
I am thy God and will always be there.
Whether the furnace consumes or is stayed
In Me thou art saved, in Me thou art saved.

--Catherine Wright Taylor

We are grateful for the time we have had with Lowell, for our faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and in eternal life.  This is all in God’s hands and He is aware of our wants, needs, and desires.


hyrum said...

I've been deeply touched by President Wright's optimistic struggle and the faith that you all have shown through this chapter of eternal life. I love Catherine's poem; it's so ennobling! I and my family continue to pray for you!
-Hyrum Anderson

John Hughes said...

We think about Brother Wright every day! He is such a light to our family and has been since we met almost 20 years ago. Like most we feel helpless to do anything, except we have faith in the power of prayer that God is in charge. I will never forget the visits to my studio and the long conversations on spiritual matters that Eric and I were so blessed to experience in our friend's presence.
We will never forget the weeks of struggle trying to knock down a brick wall, when the Wright family suddenly showed up with a jack hammer and literally rescued our family one evening so many years ago! Whatever happens, we know our friend will be ok, because the Lord is in charge. John and Teresa Hughes and family

The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

Dearest Lowell,

There are few people in this world that have as bright of a spirit as you. Anyone that has been in a room with you know what I am talking about. I feel so honored to have met you. I will never forget the stories you shared with me and the feeling I had being in your countenance. I am honored to know you. Thank you for being so kind to me.

I do not know why things happen the way they do, but I do know that our Father in Heaven does. I am so thankful for my firm belief in His plan of happiness. What a comfort to know that families can be together forever….that death is not the end, but a beginning to our eternal exaltation. I pray that during this time of pain and sorrow, you will find peace and joy…that you will be surrounded by your beautiful wife, children and family. May our Father in Heaven comfort you all during this hard and difficult journey. God bless you Lowell.

Until we meet again,
Leah Wampler

Ps. Please tell Cathy her poem is beautiful.

Heather said...

Oh Lowell!
I want you to know how much I love you and how much you have been a light in my life! Thank you for always being a great example in my life! Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter! Thank you for always welcoming me in your home and sharing your testimony with me! Thank you for your homecoming talk you gave when your returned from Russia! It really planted a big seed for me and helped me steer in the right direction. There is no doubt in my mind that you have blessed many people's life because you have blessed mine! Tears freely flow right now and I will miss you dearly! I pray every day for comfort for you and your family. You are such a wonderful person! I can't express how heavy my heart feels right now. You must have some important work to do on the other side. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be in paradise.

Lots of love and ((Hugs)) from me.

Mom said...

Tears fill my eyes and sadness fills my heart... we love you guys with all our hearts. Nobody has taught me more of kindness and love and gospel truths in each and every interaction with Lowell... and his family. We love you!
RaAnn Foote

Mikael said...

Dear lowell

It has been a long time since we met last. I have often thought about the wonderful experience I had being on a mission in Russia with you as my mission president. You have been a great example and teacher to me.
Two and a half years ago I was called to be the bishop of Halmstad ward. It is a challenge but wonderful. I remember thinking on my mission that if the Lord ever would call me to be in a leadership position, you would be my example. You showed me how to lead with example. I use a lot of those skills in my interviews with the members, showing them the same love you showed me. Small things that never were said but that was shown me by your christ like example and by the spirit.
I wish I could have come to many more reunions to meet with you all. I was always there in heart sharing good times with you at those reunions. There has not gone many days without me thinking of my friends from the mission. In my patriarchal blessing it says that I would get many friends in the country I would serve. It has truly been like that, I got true friends at a time when I really needed true friends.
I have kept the letter you wrote me prior to me leaving the mission field for home dear to my heart. I have read it often and the words have comforted me in times of trial.
In you I could see my dad that I lost now 22 years ago. I love you and your family and want to thank you for all you have done for me.
I love you,
Mikael Lindahl

Anonymous said...

Dear President Wright,

It is so very hard to find the right words. I am not sure they even exist. Thank you for many great things that you have done for me in such a short time while in Moscow - your love, support (only God knows where I would have been without it), advice, example, and, of course, the air show in Zhukovskiy. God bless you.

My love and admiration,
Yuri Kozhokin

Aaron said...

Dear President and Sister Wright,

Words cannot truly express the emotions of deep gratitude that I have for your lives of service. Please know that my time with you is so cherished. It cemented a deep testimony in my heart that will never subside. I do my best to share it with my children and those I come in contact with.
May Heavenly Father bless you and your family always! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Love always,
Aaron and Rachel Larson

Cameron Ballantyne said...

Dear President Wright & Family,
I share many of the same precious memories and emotions of Mikael, Aaron and the other missionaries in the Russia Moscow South Mission.
Like Mikael, I regularly read the hand written letter President Wright presented to me during our final interview.
Although 11 years have past since leaving Russia, I consistently reflect and draw from the lessons learned. A majority of those lessons were from President Wright in word or by example. President...I know that you know how many lives you and your dear family have touched. You have had a profound immeasurable impact on my life. I will never forget what you told me during our reunion just last summer.
Countless of your loved ones on both sides of the veil are with you during this time.
With my sincere gratitude, admiration and love,