Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chemo, Round 2

The second dose of chemo has gone very well – so well that we know that your faith and prayers in Lowell’s behalf have lessened the side effects of the chemo, even though an additional drug (Avastin) was added to the mix this time.  We cannot thank you enough for remembering Lowell in your prayers.

1st Round’s Side Effects:  Sensitivity to cold, shock-like sensations in his fingertips, stomach upset, major fatigue, diarrhea and constipation, slight chemical taste, cramps in the jaw area.
2nd Round’s Side Effects:  Much the same, but much less severe.  He still has sensitivity to cold, occasional jaw cramps and slight fatigue – but no stomach upset!

When we went to Lowell’s second chemo appointment we also met with his doctor.  Lowell told the doctor about the switcheroo with a non-Power Port for the Power Port that had been requested and Lowell asked the doctor to look at the surgery notes on the port placement.  The surgical notes stated they had put in a ‘Power Port’.  Hmmm.

The nurse who helped Lowell this time must have heard about the ‘power port’ issue through the grapevine.  He told Lowell that the port may not be a true ‘Power Port’, but he felt like it might be one of the newer generation ports that are not made completely of metal.  Who knows.  I don’t think they will tell us anything more at this point, as everyone hates the thought of law suits (even though that is not our style).

We will notify our insurance carrier about the discrepancy though, as there is probably a cost difference and they shouldn’t be billed for the more expensive model.

Medical Records Access - Information Learned:

There was a long version to this which took several hours. You are the beneficiary of what we learned through that experience – and here is the short version:
To gain access to your medical records, contact the Release of Information Office. (At least that is what it is called at the IMC.)  You will need to sign a release form and show picture ID, but you can pick up your records right then.  Realize there may be other patrons waiting as well, so give yourself enough time to take care of this before they close for the day.


Mel said...

I am so glad that the 2nd time went better! You guys are so inspirational. Keep your spirits up, I know that helps! Love you both. You are always in our prayers! Love Mel

Diann said...

I haven't read your blog for awhile, so getting the update today was good. You both sound like you are being patient, thoughtful, and overly generous to the people at the hospital -- just what I'd expect from you! I'm grateful the 2nd time is affecting you a bit easier, and hopefully the medicine will accomplish it's purpose! We love you, and pray for you every day! All our love, Diann and Kenny Stewart

Heather said...

I am glad the second treatment was better! I still can't believe they put the wrong port in and even more now because the paper work said they put the Power Port in. You are in my prayers everyday!

Rachel Doyle said...

I am so glad to hear round 2 went better than the first one. You are in my thoughts daily.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wright,
My name is Eric Eiting and I am the Physician Assistant that placed your Port-a-Cath at IMC. I just read that you were told that you were given an inferior Port. No. You have the newest generation 8 Fr. Bard Power Port. This is exactly what was placed. This port is compatible in MRI, can be power injected in CT and can be used for blood draws.
I feel terrible that you have thought that you did not get the very best from me. If you ever have any problems please call me in Radiology 801-507-5321. I am personally going to call Infusion services here at IMC and talk to them. I really enjoyed meeting you and hope you all the best.