Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chemo Day 1

We went to the IMC for Lowell’s first chemo treatment Tuesday. The nurse (Ann) had a hard time finding the dots on Lowell’s power port so she called the senior nurse (Shelley) over to help. Shelley felt the port, then announced that there were no dots, Lowell had been given an old-style port rather than the newer “power port”. What does this mean? It means Lowell won’t be able to have every procedure done through this port – some procedures will now have to be done in his arm too.

Are we a little upset? Yes. But Lowell was gracious with the nurse and said he would be fine with having some things in his arm.
He’s a good man.

For you who are entering into this Cancer Realm, make sure you request a POWER PORT before you go into surgery. Whether the port prescription wasn’t specific enough, the hospital wanted to get rid of the old-style ports, or whatever - we are now stuck with what we have.

Side effects so far:

  • Electric charge-type feelings in the end of the fingers (Lowell described it as similar to what happens when you chew tin foil)
  • Slight cold sensitivity

Side effects are supposed to get worse AFTER the chemo treatment, so we’ll have to see what happens in the next couple of days.

The Oxaliplatin pump noise was kept at bay (somewhat) during the night by covering the pump with towels. We put the pump in the nightstand drawer on a towel, covered it with two more towels and made sure the line wasn’t kinked. The pump sounds like the airport eta board over in Russia when they would click over in sequence to show the new flight arrival times.

We are grateful Lowell feels as well as he does and hope he won’t have to suffer too much.


Heather said...

That makes me sad that they didn't put the Power Port in, that the put the old style in. Lowell you are truly an example of being kind. I am sorry you have to have treatment in your arm too now. I hope the side effects lesson and that you can relax some and not feel that electric charge as much. You will be in my prayers.

Aaron said...

Best wishes and most sincere prayers to you at this time. We love and respect you beyond words. Please continue to be at peace!

- Aaron and Rachel Larson

Rachel Doyle said...

That totally stinks about the port. I hope President is feeling as good as you can after chemo. He probably doesn't have much of an appetite but PBJ sandwiches always tasted good to me afterward. According to some chemo book I used to have - they are recommended.

The Whitings in Philly said...

We are thinking of you and your family. Thank-you for sharing so much and letting us all be part of this. I also hope side effects are not too bad and that you feel well. We love you so much President Wright and Sister Wright. It has been wonderful to be in touch with more of our mission friends through all of this. You are such an example to us all!
Jenny and Dan Whiting

The Jeppsons said...

We are thinking of you all! The boys mention you in our prayers daily! Glad to hear your spirits are good. Wish there was more we could do! Mwe Loobeam you!

SeanTella said...

Why in the world did they not use a Power Port? That's inexcusable. That has never been an issue for me and it really makes no sense. Someone needs to get in trouble for that one.

Ali Bridge said...

My thoughts and love are with you. I hope you both realize how much I respect, admire, and love you. The impact you had on me as a young missionary has been with me every day and continues to guide me. I hope the side effects are minimal and the recovery swift.
Ali Bridge

KelleyAnne said...

I felt so frustrated and upset reading about the port. Bless his heart for being such a good sport. Feeling like chewing on tin foil ... can't be good.(great description)

Please let Lowell know that he is in our prayers. Sending blessings from Texas♥

P.S. I found you through Ann Marie... oh, by the way THANKS for having her-36 yrs. ago. She's a gem.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wright,
My name is Eric Eiting and I am the Physician Assistant that placed your Port-a-Cath at IMC. I just read that you were told that you were given an inferior Port. No. You have the newest generation 8 Fr. Bard Power Port. This is exactly what was placed. This port is compatible in MRI, can be power injected in CT and can be used for blood draws.
I feel terrible that you have thought that you did not get the very best from me. I you ever have any problems please call me in Radiology 801-507-5321. I am personally going to call Infusion services here at IMC and talk to them. I really enjoyed meeting you and hope you all the best.