Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chemo, Round 3

Side Effects:
Lowell had his third chemo treatment today and is experiencing some cramping in his thumbs and jaw, but is doing well other than that.  He has also learned (through sad experience) NOT to eat too much when he feels good, as his body just can't handle it.

Port Update:
Lowell had a personal visit in the hospital today from the PA (Eric) who installed his power port.  Eric was concerned that we had been told that Lowell didn't have the correct port and wanted to allay our fears.  He graciously took the time to come talk to Lowell and even made copies of the x-rays that were taken at the time the power port was installed.  The x-rays clearly show it is a power port.  Lowell was impressed with the PA's caring concern and personal attention.

On a spiritual note:
Lowell loves to attend the temple and feels great strength come when he is there.  It is a humbling experience to know that your own name may be among those on the prayer rolls.  Lowell continues to receive promptings from the Spirit and tender mercies from the Lord, even concerning the historical record he and Chad are developing for the church.  He has received sources, information and document without even having to search them out.  We love you and wish to thank you again for your prayers and kindness.


KelleyAnne said...

It is too bad no one warned Lowell about the food intake. He was probably so happy to enjoy something good to eat. Oh well, now he'll know to eat little bits. That is so nice that the PA took the time to reassure you about the port. People like that can make a world of difference when you are going through such tough times. My parents are workers at the Houston Temple now so I can be sure to have them add Lowell's name on a more consistent basis.
Love and Prayers to you all!

Heather said...

It is good to hear they put the right port in. That the doctor took the time to care about the concern. I am very glad that Lowell is still making it to the temple. He is such an example. I love his testimony.

Leah said...

I hope His side effects won't last long.

It makes my heart feel so good that he is able to go to the Temple. I pray that he will continue to be strengthened and healed.


Marianne said...

Dear mr en mrs Wright,
It is good to hear that the right port was put in. I hope mr Wright will not suffer from too many side effects of the chemo. Please know that you are still in my prayers.
I wish you a Happy Easter.
(friend of Ann Marie).

Mise-en-Scene said...

Great to hear the treatments are going well. Hope that it continues so. What is the historical record he is producing for the church and who is he working with. Just interested. We love you both.

Rachel Doyle said...

Oh I should have told you about the food bit -- I am glad you have the correct port, it made me mad when I heard that they put the wrong one in - chemo is bad enough. Anyhow I love you guys -- we pray for you daily -- in fact my kids call you prez ite.