Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chemo Round 5

Sorry, we know we are really behind on updating Lowell’s blog.

The doctors have been working hard to try and stabilize Lowell’s blood. One week it is too thin and the next too thick. We had to go back to the shots in the stomach for a couple of days, but he is doing pretty well now with just the Coumadin pills.

Chemo is an ugly thing - you just feel lousy most of the time. Lowell starts to eat something that sounds good, then can’t bear to eat it after just a bite or two. It is quite frustrating. The chemo tends to produce a lot of mucous in the mouth and throat and nothing tastes good.
The best thing about this treatment is that Lowell was able to get permission to delay Chemo Round 6 by a week. Our oldest son would be flying in from Virginia and our family had planned a vacation at Capitol Reef National Park. It was a wonderful experience and the scenery was spectacular. Lowell was able to do the easier hikes with the family and helped hold baby Noah now and then. Just to be on the safe side Lowell avoided the swimming pool and hot tub, since his immune system isn’t what it once was -but the kids and the grandkids absolutely loved it!


Heather said...

Oh that makes me happy that you were able to get a way for a little while and spend time with your son Jeff and other parts of your family. You both probably really needed it.

You are in my prayers ever day! Love you!

SeanTella said...

It's good to read that you guys were able to have a good time with Jeff while he was in town. I haven't seen any results yet, but I hope the chemo is doing its job for Uncle Lowell. Thanks for updating us. Let me know if there is anything I can do.
- Sean

Kent and Sherri said...

Lowell is amazing to go through all that yucky chemo stuff and still have the energy to go on vacation and hike! That's our Lowell, though. So happy that you were able to have a family vacation. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good fight! Thanks for keeping this blog up. We all care.
~Kent and Sherri