Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chemo Round 4

We know this posting is REALLY late, things have just been crazy.

When Lowell went in for his fourth chemo treatment it was a week after he developed blood clots in his neck and shoulder. During that week Elaine gave him Lovenox shots in his stomach (morning and evening) and Lowell would also take a Coumadin pill at night. As a result his blood thinned too much, so they told him to cut back on the Coumadin (to a half-pill every other day) and discontinue the Lovenox shots.

Because of the bad state of Lowell’s hands (skin deteriorating and splitting) the doctor wanted to hold off on the chemo treatment until the following week, but Lowell asked if they cut the dosage slightly instead, could they go ahead with the chemo treatment as scheduled? (He wants this over with as soon as possible.) The doctor agreed to Lowell’s suggestion, then told him to get some Udder Balm and use that on his hands to see if it would work better than the lotion he had been using. (It does!) He found the Udder Balm lotion at an IFA (Intermountain Farmer’s Association) store.

The chemo is also affecting Lowell’s vision somewhat. He needs to wear a little stronger reading glasses now to see fine print, but his distance vision is a little clearer. Go figure! Chemo also helps you look at all the little things you normally take for granted. Lowell really savors a cold drink of water now when he can tolerate it towards the end of the treatment cycle.

As to chemo appetite - Lowell said, “This must be like what women experience during pregnancy. One day you feel like nothing but fresh fruit; the next day you crave something completely different.”


Kurt said...

I am glad to hear they were able to go with the treatment any way. That Lowell can get it done as soon as possible. I hope his hands hill soon. You will be in my prayers as always!

Heather said...

Kurt is actually me! I was logged in under my husband! :)

Kent and Sherri Winder said...

We are so grateful for the updates on Lowell. Thank you for keeping all of us who care so much for you in the "loop". We're glad something from the Dairy Industry was able to be of must have udderly soft hands now, Lowell! We love you guys and will continue with prayers on your behalf.

Kent and Sherri

Anonymous said...

President and Sister Wright,

We continue to monitor your progress on this blog. We appreciate all those who chronicle your experiences for us via the blog; you are in our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord sustain you and your family. We love you!

Dennis & Emily Gammon

Sorensen's *5 said...

Thanks for the update. I hope that you are blessed in your efforts to continue to beat this! With love,

Jake Sorensen

Aaron said...

Thanks Sister Wright for keeping us in the "know". We are praying for you. Heavenly Father's blessings be with you and your whole family!

Love, Aaron and Rachel Larson

marry said...

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KelleyAnne said...

Thanks for the update as we are always praying for Lowell. What an amazing example he is. I love his courage and perseverance. I'm so glad the Udder Balm is working for his skin. I used to buy that when we lived in upstate New York. Does it still come in a green square shaped tin. I loved that stuff!

belle-blanc said...

My name is Mira and I am one of Ann's far-away blog friends from Germany. I am overwhelmed how strong you and your family are. I pray for you, don't stop fighting and keep up the faith, with the best wishes, Mira

Rachel Doyle said...

Thanks for the update! Hope things continue the way they should. Love you both. Rachel