Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Update after Doctor visit Feb. 2, 2010

The First Oncologist Visit (Second opinion coming up on Monday, February 8):

If you need your news sugar-coated, you’d better skip the next two lines…

Lowell’s type of signet cell, appendiceal cancer is extremely rare and is considered terminal.

The doctor told us that approximately 90% of patients pass away within 18 to 36 months, but 10% live for 5 years and more.

We both feel very much at peace -- and I feel that Lowell will be healed.

If we decide to go with this doctor, he recommends the following:

  • Lowell will start chemo approximately one month after he had his appendectomy (so that he can heal completely).
  • They will put in a port (and pump) and administer the FOLFOX chemo every two weeks for six months.
  • Don’t do any additional surgery at this point.

The doctor also gave us the following information about the chemotherapy:

  • Patients on this type of chemo typically do not lose their hair or get too nauseated.
  • Patients do have a hard time with cold foods for the first few days of each chemo treatment.
  • Patients can go about their normal duties, they just tire more easily.

The doctor told us that no one in Utah currently does the intraoperative heated peritoneal chemotherapy, (hot chemo poured into the abdominal cavity) but if we decide we want to try that route he will give us the names of some doctors/facilities out of state that do that procedure.

We are doing well and appreciate the love, prayers and well wishes we have received from everywhere.


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Heather said...

I am so glad you have this blog. I wonder about him every day. I know he can be heeled.

I think it is great that the kind of Chemo he will be using doesn't typically make you lose your hair or make you nauseated. He will be able to do some things. My aunt has cancer and she can't do anything when she gets her treatment. It makes her sick and she loses her hair. She is doing great though. The cancer in her bones is disappearing and the doctors are dumbfounded.Their not even giving her treatments at this time because she is doing wonderful. I know that Lowell can be heeled. The power of prayer is so amazing. I know it is. I love you guys and like always you are in my prayers.