Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Letter From Elaine

Dear Friends,

It is hard for me to let you know that Lowell has just been diagnosed with appendiceal cancer.

He has been having gall bladder pain off and on since November and when they did the scans they also saw his appendix was quite enlarged. We took him in Monday to have them both taken out and when they opened him up to get the appendix out (it refused to come out laparoscopically) they saw hundreds of seed cancers throughout his abdominal cavity.

They feel the cancer has been growing in his appendix for about two years, but ate through the appendix wall (or burst through part of it) anytime from 2-9 months ago, spreading its little rice-size seeds. The gall bladder pain was a blessing in disguise, as it helped us find the bigger problem.

We feel at peace and have had numerous spiritual experiences with our family receiving strength and comfort. We absolutely know Lowell can be healed if it is the Lord's will and we are confident we will be able to fight this tooth and nail, but also are not worried if things turn out otherwise.

We want to thank you for your friendship and love and hope you will keep us in your prayers as we have only begun the fight. Eric and Cathy will be updating this blog to keep people informed about Lowell’s progress so we don’t have to repeat the same information over and over. We will update it with new information as we receive it.


Elaine Wright and family


SeanTella said...

Hey, I love you guys. If you ever need anything from me, call me. If chemotherapy ends up being an option, I could certainly offer whatever wisdom I have gained from my experiences. Best of luck. You have always been a good Uncle and a good person to me.


Mel said...

Thanks for this blog. Your family is amazing and I look up to you so much! Uncle Lowell good luck with your chemo and all that awaits you. You are the best! Lots of Love from our family!

Derek Ellingson said...

Dear President and Sister Wright,
I love you and pray for you. Being "in the field" I can say no matter what the outcome, the process will not be an easy or painless one. Invariably it has not been already.
To quote Elder Maxwell:
"THere are in the Gospel warm and cuddly doctrines, and there are outright wintry doctrines. . . ONe of them is that we cannot approach consecration with out the appropriate clinical experiences. Sometimes the Lord hastens his work in our spiritual development by a compression of experiences. . . Sometimes the best people. . . have the worst experiences . . because they are the most ready to learn [paraphrase from "A Disciples Life" pg 20]. Of course, nobody ever stands in line for this kind of learning. Even Our Savior cried for His cup to pass Him, but nevertheless did all that His Father asked. And if we will be like Him, we may also drink a bitter cup, and must do as Our Father asks. I love you and pray for you and have faith that you will triumph over this affliction.
your missionary and brother,
(Elder) Derek Ellingson

Anonymous said...

Brother Wright,
We are praying for you every day, multiple times each day. You are such a good friend! Your faith and strength are an inspiration. We know that you will accept whatever the Lord wants; we are praying that he grants a miracle!
John and Teresa Hughes and Family

Heather said...

I am so glad you created this blog. Now I can know what is going on with the cancer.

I am so grateful for you Lowell and your family! Thank you for the love you show me when ever I am in your presence. You are such an example to me. You are so kind and caring. I am praying for you every day.

Anonymous said...

Brother and Sister Wright

Our prayers are with you. I am so grateful for the love and concern you have shown me during my dealing with the cancer I have and pray that the Lord will bless you throught this trial. I know that he knows our problems and blesses us with what will for our best good. It is up to us to accept his will and make the best of a bad situation.

Darrel and Marilyn Paskett

Jeff and Michelle and Aliyah said...

Uncle Lowell and Aunt Elaine,
We just wanted to let you know that you and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We love you!
The Thomsons

Marianne said...

Dear mr. and mrs. Wright,
My name is Marianne. I am a (internet) friend of your daughter Ann Marie. I would like to let you know what a great friend she has been to me. Her faith and positiveness have been in inspiration to me ever since I discovered her blog. My mother passed away last month and her prayers and kind words have been a big support to me.
It broke my heart when I read on her blog that her father was diagnosed with cancer.
You and Ann Marie have been in my thoughts prayers ever since.
Marianne Consten

Todd and VaLee said...

Hey! Thanks for the update. We love you and welcome you to the terminal club. Just remember we are all terminal, the only difference is that Lowell doesn't have to worry about his cholesterol any more :) And Lowell, quit reading those health books. Mark Twain said "you just might die from a misprint" hee,hee Love you, Todd